5 Quick Tips on How to Be a Good Photographer

5 Quick Tips on How to Be a Good Photographer

As a new photographer, we learn faster as we experiment using different techniques. Quickly, here are some helpful tips to guide you to a better capture and image.

Become a picture director

Guide your subjects in the portraits you take. Take charge of their poses and what to do next, in a nice and fun way.

Use a plain background

Your subject shows off when you capture it with a plain background. Makes sure there are no distracting images behind your subject when taking the shot.

Watch the light

Move yourself or your subject whenever you don’t like the available light. When needed consider using a flash.

Know your flash’s range

You can take a look at the range of your flash in the camera’s manual. Pictures taken out of range will be too dark. Be sure to use your flash in alignment with the specs of your camera.

Turn your camera sideways and take a picture. This may seem elementary but sometimes pictures are better taken vertically.

These are just a couple quick tips on how to improve your photography.

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