5 Ways to become a Professional Photographer in Woodinville

Professional Photography in Woodinville has captured the attention of a lot of people and some even want to work on the professional level.

But what does it really mean to be a professional photographer?

Being a “pro” requires a significant amount of equipment, portfolio and time spent to capture the full essence of that moment.

For example, I’ve spent over 25 years as a professional photographer. Based in Woodinville, WA, I can say there are always new challenges, new technology, and new techniques to learn in our beautiful area.

But if you’re interested in becoming a “pro”, then here are some quick tips to help:

Equipment: Like anything, your equipment, and ability to use that equipment makes all the difference in the world. With some training, you can capture an exceptional image.

Find a Niche: When starting out, you will take shots of everything – people, places, things, etc. But as you refine your skills, you’ll find you’ll become a better photographer. Additionally, you’ll find business flows your way as you become an expert in the field.

Publish: After you have learned your style and developed your niche, it’s time get your work out there. Maintaining a portfolio on your website is vital. From there, you can reach out to business contacts, magazine companies, or even online sources to publish your work.

I’m a professional, certified photographer and I love what I do! If you have any questions, or need to hire a professional photographer, give me a call at 425-213-6367