Love my long time clients!

One of the coolest parts of my career is watching children and families grow up. It’s such a honor to record these memories, this family history for them. I did a a shoot a couple weeks ago of Bjorn. His is 12 now. I have been photographing him since he was born. How cool is that! Kim, his Mom is incredibly diligent and she has had each of her children photogaphed by my me every year. We still have to get Kim in a portrait…. but I am working on that! Parents can be more stubborn than their kids sometimes!

Here is a photo of Bjorn at 1 and now at 12…… Wow….. so cool…..

Thanks Kim and Aaron for giving me the pleasure and honor to record your family history with portraits!!

Love my long time clients! 2015-11-02_1210_001 2015-11-02_1210_002