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Pro Tip – When & How to Use FLASH

Most folks have a pop up flash on their camera (and you have one on your phone too!) but everyone ignores it! Fear of the unknown maybe? 1) Indoors The most obvious. You are indoors in a dark room. Most phones will do it automatically along with cameras if they have been programmed to do […]

Me, Kids & Life…

Yes, we can all say we have survived the wettest winter on record since 1865 when they started taking record! Whew! Looking forward to more sunshine. It’s been a while since I sent out a newsletter and the Christmas cards never did materialize. Life is always busy as usual. I started off my year with […]

Product Photography

I have been having a blast doing product photography. It’s been both a challenge to my skills and fun learning along the way. Lately, I have had more food photography. Can’t wait to see what comes my way next Please think of me for any product photography you need or if you know someone else […]

Classic Family Portraits

Preserve your memories and create family heirlooms with Classic Family Portraits! When is the last time you had a family portrait taken? Summer is the time to get your family portraits taken before your kids go off to college. Call now to reserve a date or book your appointment here.

Senior Portraits to be Treasured…

Sometimes a Senior Portrait is the only professional portrait someone will ever have taken. It’s iconic, classic and captures the memory to treasure for a lifetime. It’s time to start booking your appointments for your Senior Portraits! The Summer will fly by quickly and it’s best to get your portraits done before the craziness of […]

Right place, right time….

Getting amazing images, especially landscapes is really about timing. So, often we photographers visit the same place several times, waiting for the right time and the right light. No two nights are ever exactly the same. Sometimes however, we get lucky and we just happen to be in the right place at the right time! […]

Love my long time clients!

One of the coolest parts of my career is watching children and families grow up. It’s such a honor to record these memories, this family history for them. I did a a shoot a couple weeks ago of Bjorn. His is 12 now. I have been photographing him since he was born. How cool is […]

Murals go up at Redmond Marriott!

This was such a fun project! I was called and asked to take portraits of several of the Redmond Marriott’s staff. All of these staff members have been with this particular Marriott since it opened ten years ago. They wanted to celebrate these associates with professional portraits and then turn these portraits into wall murals […]